Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making My Moves

Something was said to me recently alluding to the fact that I had fallen behind on this blog.  Well, yes, I have to admit that I have had other priorities the last couple of weeks:  big yard sale, renting the house, moving into the Seeker full time, setting up camp in Seeker, running back to the house to clean it out one final time, etc., etc., etc.

Hoping to see things slow down soon.  But in amongst all this busy, official sounding stuff, there's always time to kayak and geocache.  Made a great trip up the Stones River from Mona ramp to da island and back past Mona to East Fork.  That's about 5-6 miles in my inflatible yak with a blowout on one side.  Yes, it can be done and you will stay afloat, but you will paddle hard and a lot. 

This past weekend I moved Seeker to Poole's Knob campground to have my home base while moving the last of my things out of the house.  Also I wanted to be here for the September MTGC meeting, but I was conflicted because I wanted to be at Cloudland Canyon in GA so I could visit with big brother and go on the hike to Rock Town nearby.  So I split the difference and a group of us from this area drove down to the Rock Town hike for the day but I hated to miss out on a visit with Mike and Linda. 

So all that coupled with my recent purchase of a new kayak and a strong desire to be on the water has contributed to my lack of blogging.  But I do have pix.  Lots of pix.  Hope you enjoy and I will try to blog more often.

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