Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Keeping busy - Keeping in touch

Talked to big brother Mike last night after getting home from work and was informed that I hadn't posted in a couple of weeks.  So folks are wondering what's up here in KY.  Work, work, and work.  Yep.  I am now working full time for Amazon which means 4 days in a row at 10 hours a shift.  So if I haven't posted forgive me, I've been a bit tired.  Actually last night I got home early because the system was slow or something and they offered to let who ever wanted to leave early a chance to go home.  I think I was the first one out the door.  My dogs are tired folks.  The big question is: will she be able to complete the tasks and survive 8 more weeks of this pace?  I'll give it my best shot.

Did run down to Nashville last weekend on my days off to take care of some business.  Got a great haircut.  Thanks, Cindy!  Took care of some bank business and some insurance stuff.  Then I was ready to get out of Nashville and all that Friday afternoon traffic and come home to my Seeker and the peace and quiet of the park.  Got home Saturday afternoon and the park was packed!  Seems they have a special Halloween in the Park weekend and every space was filled.  It was fun to sit and watch the kids trick or treating.  Later they played mini golf with glow in the dark golf balls and clubs.  Lots of campfires and some of the campers went way over the top in decorating.  It was fun to see.  By Sunday afternoon the place was a ghost town - only us Amazon campers left behind. 

This weekend I will be moving to a site closer to the water and to other Amazon campers.  I hope to get in some more kayaking before the season gets too cold.  I have talked to other workers who live at the camps closer to work but I just love waking up near the lake and hiking nearby trails.  It's just a wonderful place to be everyday and I'm sure I will miss it when I leave.  But for now I think I'll finish my laundry and get dresssed for work.  Today is my Friday so tomorrow I will sleep in and start the weekend.  Will try to have some great adventure so I have something to blog about.

Stay safe and have an adventure!

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