Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

OK, I know I'm not in Florida, but I'm close enough to spit on the state line (if I was the spitting kind of girl) so I really thought the weather would always be as warm and wonderful as it has been for the first 2 weeks here.  And then a cold front blew in and brought me abruptly back to the reality of winter.  Granted, it's not as cold here as it is back in Campbellsville.  And I was expecting maybe low 40s high 30s, but last night it got down to 24.  Brrrrrrrr !!

The owner had all us workcampers meet him just after dark when it was still above freezing, albeit barely, and we followed him around learning the procedure for protecting the pipes in freezing temps.  I personally vote for just not having any more of this nonsense but no one listens to me on these matters.  So we turned off pumps, set faucets to dripping, disconnected our rv's from the water lines, and tucked ourselves into our respective homes for a cold night.  Luckily I have a warm dog to help me keep warm.

The only bonus to all this cold weather is that we couldn't go to work until the temps rose this morning so I had till 10am to just goof off and sleep late.  Good thing about the sleep since Gus really thought he had to make a restroom walk at 2am.  Once we were outside he decided to make it a quick walk.  I meant to check out the sky for the quadrantids but it was tooooooo cold.  I'll see shooting stars another night.

Late this afternoon I had to check one of the basic cabins before the guest checked in and just as I was closing the door I noticed an anole.  He was moving kind of slow so I just picked him up and closed the door.  I took him back to behind the office where I found Steve, our owner and highly knowledgeable source on all local flora and fauna.  While he schooled me on anoles I warmed the little critter in my hands but decided if I just put him on the ground he'd probably freeze outside tonight (which is why I found him in the warmed cabin) so I placed him on a shelf just outside the workshop.  I'll check on him in the morning.  If he's still there I think I'll name him Ralph.  He just looked like a Ralph to me. 

Lows tonight are in the low 30s so perhaps Gus will wake me in the wee hours again for a restroom walk and I'll get another chance to look for the meteors.  At least it will be warmer.

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  1. You may be right next to Florida but Florida is freezing right now too. I hate winter weather and I live near San Antonio so my idea of winter is anything below 60 is ridiculous. lol.