Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just another week in paradise

Site 12: Home, sweet home.  Mornings before work Gus and I sit outside and watch the sparrows, cardinals, and woodpeckers at the feeders around the pond.  Evenings we repeat.  Tough life, huh?

Some days we have company.  This guy was on the porch of cabin I.  He must have gotten in while we had all the screens down.  We took him down to the pond and released him there.  See ya later, Ralph.

On Sunday morning we drove up to Fort McAllister State Park and did some hiking and geocaching.  Didn't know till we got there that we'd find a Nashville connection.  Lots of good trails here plus we did the walking tour of the fort which reminded me of Ft. Negley with fewer stops.  Took me 3 trips to complete that tour/cache but this tour/cache just took an hour and one trip.  Yeah!!

After lunch we drove over to Skidaway Island, which is no longer an island, to walk the birdwatcher's trail and hunt another geocache.  We spent all afternoon at this beautiful park.  Loved all the sandy trails and Spanish moss.  I think that stuff is like kudzu so I'm not standing still long enough for it to grow on me!
We left Skidaway and headed back toward home driving along the Coastal Highway (US 17) and got to Brunswick just before sunset.  This is what's left of the old Liberty Shipyards where they built Liberty ships during WWII.  My father served on some of those ships but don't know if his ship was built here.  Will have to look into that.  And yes, we found the cache that was hidden here.  But if there hadn't been a cache here we never would have known to come here and learn this history.  Another reason I love to cache.

So as we crossed the Brunswick River on the new Sidney Lanier Bridge at sunset and headed home I thought a lot about Daddy and how much he would enjoy this area.  Lots of places to fish!!  Of course he would have already been catching those big catfish in the pond at our camp.  We are just happy to feed them bread crumbs.

Back to work!  This week we are working on clearing the hiking trails at the back of the campgrounds.  Lots of Confederate Jessamine which is just starting to bloom.  Unfortunately it is also choking some of the trees so it is sometimes cut away to save the trees.  Whew!  We all earned our keep on this project and we're only a quarter of the way through it. 

So that's my week in a nutshell.  Well, I did drive to Lake City on Monday and had my appointment at the Women's Clinic (nothing here to talk about).  I will return on 2/10 for a pulmonary functions test to see if we can figure out why I keep getting bronchitis lately.  More on that next post.  Bye for now.  Stay safe or have fun.  Both if you can.


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