Saturday, March 10, 2012

Light My Fire!

So Thursday afternoon we were sitting in the office checking reservations and smelled smoke.  We looked out the front window and saw flames across the street.  I went out with my camera to get a closer look.  This was a controlled burn, something they do to keep from having to manage a wildfire.  I was amazed that the trees didn't go up in flames but I have learned that long leaf pine don't burn, they just char.  The burn kills out undergrowth and slash pines.  Slash pines burn all the way to the roots and leave a big hole in the ground.  Then Friday morning Linda and I went over to do a bird walk with a volunteer and were amazed to see some of the fires still burning but overall it was just charred in the places they burned and not really much smoke.  We saw some red headed woodpeckers and heard baby alligators chirping in the alligator pond, but not much else.  Guess they don't like the smoke.

OK, so this is a short post today.  I have to work in the trail this morning and in the office this afternoon.  Then I'm off till Tuesday and I am really excited.  Mike and Linda are coming to visit for the weekend!  They will be here this afternoon and we will hang out a while then get some sleep.  Tomorrow we plan to explore the swamp some more and other sights and they will stay in Kingland overnight.  Monday morning early we have to be in St. Marys to catch the ferry to Cumberland Island for the day.  Yahhhh!  All day at the beach.  And it looks to be great weather.  Will have a much larger post then.

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