Thursday, May 3, 2012

Roll Up The Awning and Pull In The Slide

Well, I have mixed emotions about leaving my idyllic little spot beside the pond here.  This afternoon I was sitting at my window reading when my next door neighbor, the Great Crested Flycatcher, perched on the path sign beside my site.  His crest blew lightly in a soft breeze and he held a large cricket that I'm sure he was on the way home with to the family.  But he took the time to sit and stare at me through the window as if he too were a little sad to see me folding up my chairs and taking down the party lights over the picnic table.  He also assured me that it wasn't him but surely must have been the mockingbirds that were leaving big purple blobs on my roof.  Well, I won't take it up with the mockingbirds around here.  I've seen them chase half grown dogs off the property.  Perhaps Steve, the owner, is a bird whisperer. 

OK, this place is a little quirky, I admit.  So am I which is why I made such a perfect fit here.  And although I have so many plans made for places to go and people to see, I am a little sad tonight.  And I think I'll carry a little piece of the place with me when I go.  Goodbye Okefenokee Pastimes and thanks for some really great times!

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