Saturday, June 9, 2012

Window Treatments

Well, I've had a little more time sitting still so finally got the materials that I needed and recovered 2 of the valances plus installed a new shade.  OK, I have to brag on myself here because in the past I never would have dared to try this especially on my own.  And I won't say it went quickly, but I worked slowly, backed up and redid one or two steps, but I'm quite proud of the outcome. 

Here's the valance over the daybed which has the old day/night shade.  This is my next window to tackle (waiting for Sunday when most of my campers are leaving and it's supposed to rain, so I'll have to stay inside anyway.

And here's the window on the opposite wall over the slide which has the newly redone valance and the new solar shade.

Also did the little valance over the door even though I don't have a shade for it yet.  I may put a regular set of blinds there just haven't decided yet.

And the really great part was the price for fabric and materials.  I had to order more staples for my staple gun which was about $5 with free shipping from Amazon.  The fabric was a discounted table cloth at Target that was regularly $20 but marked down to $12.  I will have enough fabric to do all the valances with some left over!

After all that work I was ready to rest but the park naturalist was leading a 2 mile hike through the riverside trail at 8pm so I took a long walk.  Learned a lot and now feel like I can answer some questions about the trail system and local ecology.  But after all that it was time to slip into jammies and have a cup of tea.  Then about 11pm I had to slip back into some outdoor clothes and go over to the playground to send some late night teens home before they woke up the whole campground. 

Today I may go geocaching with a family that is camping here and has just started caching.  There are a lot of caches in this park so I should stay busy.  More in a few days with the next updates.

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  1. Great job on the valances. Look really nice and unique to you.