Monday, March 18, 2013

Island Days

  Took the ferry from Fort Morgan over to Dauphin Island to spend the day biking around and seeing the sites.  I left my car behind and took my bike instead.  Aboard the ferry I met up with some other bike riders out to enjoy the island for the day.  Along the way dolphins played beside the boat but getting their picture was just not possible for me.  I just decided to enjoy them.
Notice the gulls hitching a ride on the ramp?

 Also, the fee is $15.00 each way per car.  My solution was easy.  I parked my car in the lot and loaded everything I needed into my backpack or in the basket of my bike.  No matter how many cars they load, there's always room for a bike and rider.  Plus the fee if $5.00 round trip!  My kind of math for sure.

The trip across to the island takes about 35 minutes and if you pay attention you will see dolphins playing alongside.  But getting a picture of them was impossible for me.  I finally just gave up and enjoyed.  Once I got to the island my first stop was of course Fort Gaines where once upon a time Stephen Farragut damned the torpedoes. 

The bike ride to the western end of the island is about 3 miles.  Along the way I enjoyed seeing the different types of houses on the island: some vacation condos and lots of year round residents.  I decided to go out on the pier at the western end and have my lunch there.  Off on the beach I could see a wedding taking place.  Of course spring breakers were plentiful but not as much as on the mainland.  Before long I realized it was time to get back to the ferry landing.  In fact, there were so many returning bike riders I almost had to wait for the next ferry.  That was cutting it close for sure since there was only one more ferry for the day.  It was such a beautiful day and the people watching at the beach was so great, well, I barely noticed I had ridden over 13 miles!  By the time I got home today I was ready for a shower and a nap.  But I will miss that place. 

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