Sunday, February 2, 2014

Trying Not to Scratch an Itch

Well it's been a long time since I've been sitting still in one place for 5 months.  I have really enjoyed all the time I've spent here in the refuge and I've made some new friends here of course.  The winter has been mild according to the locals and for that I'm grateful.  Somehow I thought being in the desert meant a much warmer winter.  Maybe next year I'll get it right. 

There are a lot of changes in the air.  The eagle population is up and the crane and goose population is steadily declining.  The first cormorant has taken up residence in the rookery and bluebirds are everywhere.  Of the 14 volunteer campsites currently occupied, 6 of them will be vacated by the end of the month.  Neighbors are getting busy with packing up and exchanging email addresses.  Then, during the month of March most of the rest of us will be slowly packing up and moving on to the next job. 

So where am I off to? Not really sure I can say yet except that it is narrowed down to somewhere in Arizona.  In the mean time I will keep doing my job and try to keep from trying to scratch that itch that has me wanting to move on down to see new horizons.

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