Monday, August 1, 2011

A President and a Nephew

I was really lucky to get to spend the weekend camping and kayaking on Lake Lanier with my nephew Clay.  The last time we camped was in Pelham, TN back in the spring.  It rained the whole time and we were constantly in mud.  Not that the mud dampened the dogs’ appetite for running and getting muddy and wet.  This time the rain was minimal – just a few showers – and the temps were hot!  Once again Colt and Zoe were undeterred in their enthusiasm for mud, water, and birds.  Clay has a decoy duck that he throws out on the lake and teaches the dog to retrieve.  Colt has pretty well got the hang of it and will swim really far for the duck.  Zoe is younger and less trained so she frequently either ignored the duck or only brought it back half way.  But they were wet and running in the mud, so they were happy. 

Friday night Clay built an awesome campfire and then cooked steak kabobs and burgers on the grill for super.  Afterwards we sat by the campfire talking and sipping coconut rum on ice.  It’s really nice and not as sweet as it sounded at first.  Guess I’ll have to get a bottle for the Seeker.  Thanks Clay for giving me a new vice!

Left Lake Lanier early Sunday morning and drove down highway 441 to meet with the folks at Okefenokee Pastimes where I’ll be working this winter.  The wildfires in the swamp have been contained and tourists are getting back in to visit.  Jo and Steve seem really nice, the campground is small and homey, and I am really looking forward to being there.

Last night I camped out in the Truckstops of America parking lot while it stormed.  There were a lot of trucks there as well as cars and other campers.  Great lightning show!  I went in the diner about 11pm and ate breakfast then slept on the couch till about 4am when the rains and storms stopped.  Decided to get an early start back north and find a place to camp early this afternoon.

So where am I now?  I just left Fitzgerald, GA where I visited the site of Jefferson Davis’ capture.  The museum was closed today but I was allowed to wander the grounds and take pictures.  I just can’t believe there wasn’t a geocache there!  Next up?  The next stop on the Presidents’ Trail.

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