Thursday, July 28, 2011

True Love and Truly Blessed

Getting ready to pack up and head to a nearby Corps of Engineers campground where I hope to spend a couple of days kayaking on Lake Lanier with my nephew Clay.  I am looking forward to spending some time on the water.  And time with Clay is always fun.  Back in the spring we camped together in Pelham, TN where he worked some dog trials and we both stomped around in the mud all weekend. 

I’ll never forget that weekend – I don’t think it stopped raining until a few hours before I left.  And the mud was everywhere including on the carpet in Seeker.  But this week, thanks to big brother Mike, I am saying sayonara to the mud prints and all the other stains.  I don’t know if all big brothers would give up so much of their time and work in the sweltering Georgia heat for nothing more than my undying gratitude, but I know that I am blessed. 

Not only am I getting a newly renovated rv home out of this deal, I get to spend time with two people deeply in love for just at a half century now.  It’s just so great to be around them and see how much they care for each other.  Linda has had some serious health issues lately and Mike is very attuned to her every need.  But it really doesn’t seem all that long ago that big brother brought me home a sister.  Yep, in 1967 when I was 12, Linda came to live with us (and share a room with me) while Mike served in Vietnam.  I was so amazed by this beautiful woman with the guitar and the Carly Simon albums.   Today she still amazes me but it with a sewing needle or a crochet hook these days.   Just take a look at the new curtains in Seeker that came from her “scrap basket”. 

So even though it’s time to leave here I get to take some great memories and a great new look for Seeker.  Hey, I’ll be back soon.  Thanks, Mike!


  1. Looks great! Gus will not recognize his dog house on wheels. Move on now and give Mike some time to rest (LOL). Gus says he misses you. Be careful moving on to Folkston!

  2. Looking good! Love the bright colors and the 'homey' sofa cover. Of course, the floor is to die for. Great job all you folks did.