Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lucy, You Got Some 'splaining to do!!!

Pardon my use of the old I Love Lucy line for my title, but I was just looking at our pictures from a quick visit we made to Jamestown, NY where we found the grave of Lucille Ball and her childhood home.  Museum was closed though. 

As I "splained" in my last post, AT&T kept thinking I was in Canada and since I had called them and blocked my number from receiving a signal from cell towers across the water, I was unable to use my IPhone for calls or for net access without driving to Buffalo.  Which of course we did on July 4th.  It was cool to have the town almost to ourselves since everyone else was at the beach.  It is a gorgeous town filled with some awesome architecture.  I even saw the spot where William McKinley was assassinated.  Pretty cool for a (retired) history teacher.

But even though I didn't have access to post to my blog, that doesn't mean I didn't blog.  So for the next day or two I will post some musings on the rv life and things we have run into.  Hope you enjoy these while we run off to see Niagra Falls.

Back in a few....

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