Sunday, July 24, 2011

War Movies and Renovations

No rest for the wicked my mother used to say.  So after just a few days at home I sent Gus home with the Goddess and pointed Seeker southeast to my big brother Mike's house.  I have 3 big brothers and they are all really great, but they are also nothing alike.  Clint, who is closest to my age is sometimes silly and always ready to help me with my car or anything mechanical.  Pat, the artist in the family, lives in the Arizona desert now where he makes beautiful beaded jewelry and calls from time to time with rv advice.  He and his wife lived full time in a class A for a while before settling in their current home and I turn to him a lot with my rv questions.  And then there's Mike.

Mike, the oldest, is my go to guy for fishing trips and carpentry work.  Sometimes we go out on Lanier and he fishes while I just enjoy the quiet beauty of the lake.  For me it's the closest I will ever get to my childhood again.  We all grew up in tents on the shores of Old Hickory Lake with ski boats, and trot lines, and campfires.  I thought it was a wonderful way to grow up even though I never did learn to ski.

So whenever I come to Mike's house we fish in the daytime and watch WWII movies all night.  Tonight's fare is the HBO series called Pacific that I'm sure he has watched many times but since I hadn't seen it yet he is seeing it again with me.  It's an intense drama but I can't stop watching.  But tomorrow we will make a shopping run to pick up supplies and get to work on reconfiguring the TV cabinet in Seeker to accommodate a small flat screen TV, ripping out that awful beige carpet on the floor, and a few other small tasks. 

So time to sleep some, as soon as the movie is over, then hit the ground running tomorrow.  Hopefully we'll find some time to work in a little fishing trip.  Just hope the fish aren't boiling to death in this heat.

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