Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day of Renovations

Short post today as we are really busy.  Mike is already on his knees (wearing kneepads today!) putting down more flooring.  Linda and I are heading to the store for slipcovers and a few other goodies.  I'm excited to see the changes.  I am so grateful for a brother who is (a) retired, (b) a short drive from Nashville, (c) willing to spend his time doing this work for me.  Actually, I am blessed with 3 wonderful big brothers who all jump in to help me when I ask.  And I do have a little brother, but his job as an over the road driver keeps him out of town most of the time.  But I have considered asking him for some driving tips next time we talk. 

OK, so I added a couple of pix from day 1.  Was really funny to look out the window and see Annie, the pet goat from next door, watching us.  Seems she got the gate open and was grazing the front yard and wondering if we might have some goodies in the RV.  Made for a fun break.  Wonder what fun things we will discover today???


  1. Things sure look different. Don't work brother too hard!

  2. Okay, where's the new floor??