Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Long Night and Greeting the Great Lady

When I last blogged I think I made it clear that it was HOT. And it's not supposed to be hot up north. We're supposed to have that market cornered in the south. But we had to cope with it just like the locals so we pulled over to a Walmart and waited out the day for cooler temps.

We left our comfy little corner in New London, CT around 10:30pm last night and drove about 120 miles across CT, through the narrow neck of New York over the Tappan Zee Bridge, and into New Jersey where we circled for what seemed like hours to find the local Walmart. Finally I decided to give it up and we pulled into a service plaza in Ridgeland, New Jersey about 15 minutes from Jersey City. We found a spot practically under the New Jersey Turnpike in amongst the truckers who were getting a few hours of sleep before heading out to make their deliveries. The swaying of the RV with the traffic passing overhead creating a cradle-like effect that soon had us both fast asleep - well, that and shear exhaustion.

This morning we moved closer to the service bay area to have the lights checked on the toad but all was well so we ventured on down the turnpike and found our little campsite in what the locals call a campground in Jersey City. I would call it a parking lot with a view. And what a view. Just over the tops of some pretty expensive looking yachts is Lady Liberty herself for all the world to see. We are parked so that we can sit at our dinette table and gaze out at her.

Is this a great campground? No, not really. But the folks are great and very helpful. And the view, did I mention the view? This afternoon we are just tired so we are taking our afternoon naps - I could get into this habit - and planning to walk with Gus over to Liberty Park to watch the sun go down and the lights go on at the statue's feet.

More of our misadventures tomorrow

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