Sunday, July 8, 2012

Six Weeks on The Bend

     Well, it's hard to believe but as of this upcoming Friday I will have already been here on the bend of the Chattahoochee for 6 weeks.  Despite the heat I really have enjoyed my time here and can't believe how quickly the time is passing.  Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am at the newest of the Georgia State Parks.  There are some great trails (with lots of geocaches along them) and the ramp for putting my kayak in the river is less than half a mile from my campsite.  Not as good as being right on the water like when I camped last year on Percy Priest, but the river current provides my own workout every time I paddle upriver.  Of course with all the heat lately a swim beach would be nice.  According to the Weather Channel we are looking at some relief soon, if you can call high 80s relief.  I've had to pull my slide in to reduce the area my a/c is trying to cool.  Maybe when the outside temps go down I can open back up. 
     So with 6 weeks behind there are only 6 weeks left here for me.  Still have about 8 caches to find to have all 26 caches done in the park. Also want to kayak from the river put in at Whitesburg down to the park - a 12 mile paddle that a lot of folks do.  The park managers here are really great but I do look forward to moving on down the road.
     Where to next?  I'll let you know soon.  In the meantime, here are some shots of my summer home.

Obviously this is my place.  Yes, I have a golfcart fot getting around the campground to check campsites and haul firewood or trash.

I think we have one of the prettiest visitor centers in the park system. 

The boat ramp makes it easy to put in and take out my kayak.  Sometimes I just go down in the late afternoons and sit on the swing to watch the river roll by.

We don't have any cabins or yurts - yet - but we do have these Adirondack camps which are wooden floored, roofed shelters with solid walls on three sides and screened fronts.  They are great for group camps, if you don't have an rv that is.

There are lots of deer and turkey in the park.  I almost tripped over this little guy who was hiding quietly in the grass just off the trail.  There are a lot of fawns running around the park this summer. 


  1. Love your summer place! That is a great looking park. Pretty neat picture of the fawn.

  2. Your blog is so cool. You've inspired me. I love to journal anyway. I'm looking forward to a day of caching on the Bend before you depart and following you as you continue your journey.