Monday, July 23, 2012

Cabin Fever

     I know it's been a couple of weeks since I posted, but there really hasn't been any news to blog about.  In fact, it's so hot that I have not really cared for getting out the door much lately.  We've had two weeks of warm morning, hot by noon, thunderstorms through the afternoon, then rain into the early evening.  I am still planning to kayak down from Whitesburg on the Chattahoochee but with those afternoon storm cycles I haven't dared.  Looks like that has moved out so maybe I can get out there this week. 
     The past two weekends I have been working at the gate house while the regular guy was out.  It's not hard work and there is an air conditioner so not such bad duty, although I did somehow manage to get a spider bite on my shin yesterday.  Funny to me that some folks worry about me kayaking down a river or climbing a long trail and what might happen to me.  Then I sit still in a little guard house for the weekend and get a wicked spider bite.  Life's ironies make me smile.
     It has been a busy week for Gus at least.  On Thursday I gave him a bath and he looked so clean and white.  Most of the time his feet are orange from all the good old Georgia clay.  Late that afternoon I took him out to walk and do his business.  When we came back in I noticed something on his front paw so I put him in the shower to wash it off but it wasn't coming off.  He had somehow stepped in pine sap and gravel and the pads of his feet were all caked up with the sap and small gravel.  And the more I tried to clean it the more he tried to bite me.  I finally wrapped him in his quilt and took him to Petsmart where a couple of groomers helped me get his feet cleaned up as good as we could.  Of course he had to be muzzled because he was fighting this all the way.  Friday he pretty much layed around all day.   Then I went off to work all day at the gate house on Saturday.  I did come home at lunch to walk him and he seemed ok.  But after work I came home to find he had been sick.  At both ends, so to speak.  Even up on the daybed.  Yuckkkkk!!!
     Well, I just had to pull all the linens off and tossed them outside until today which has been housekeeping day.  Spent the whole day cleaning and doing laundry.  Now the house is back together and Gus is no longer sick.  I think maybe he chewed on his paw while I was gone and that pine sap upset his stomach.  Whatever it was I'm glad it's passed. 
     So the house is clean and all my chores are done.  The sun is shining and the sky is blue.  I really need to go somewhere.  I've got cabin fever!

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  1. Poor Gus and poor you. Glad everything is back to normal for both of you.