Saturday, September 15, 2012

Here's One for Brother Mike

I see big brother has been writing again.  Only glanced over the new blog entry last night but will return to it this morning and read it in detail  I always love to read his stuff.  It's full of info about my family that I either didn't know or has a point of view I hadn't thought of.  Mike and I are both baby boomers, that generation of offspring that began at the end of WWII and continued into the early 60s.  But within the boomers there are also generation gaps because things changed so rapidly after the war.  Things that were so true for his group, born in the mid/late 40s are just not the same for my group born in the mid/late 50s.  Sometimes we compare notes about our childhoods and I find it very interesting that even though we share the same home and family, we had very different lives as children.

One thing we do share though is a love for being outdoors.  Most people think I'm crazy to sell everything and take off in an RV to travel around the country and live in parks, but once when someone asked me where I was off to next and I said, "Maybe Arizona.  Wanna go?", I heard Mike say yes.  I think if circumstances were different in his life, he and Linda would jump in an RV and take off.  Only if he could take his beloved fishing boat along though.  Mike and fishing are almost inseparable.  Well, I pull a small car behind my Seeker.  And some people have travel trailers or 5th wheel trailers that they pull with trucks.  But it would be hard (and probably illegal) to pull a car and a boat behind your RV I think.  Then this past weekend I stayed at Poole's Knob in Lavergne, TN and saw the answer to Mike's problem.  So now there's no excuses about having to leave your boat at home, Big Brother.  Get you a rig like this and hit the road!
Love ya, Mike!


  1. It's so nice that you are your brother are so close even though not so close in age. As you get older, it matters less and less. Lost my brother two years ago and I really miss him. I have seen rigs triple towing (don't know why they call it that when it is really pulling two behind) but it isn't leagl everywhere and certainly doesn't look safe. This trailer for boat and car is pretty neat. A very small boat without a motor might be able to be put on top of a car.

  2. Linda, I met a guy in MT that was dragging a 5er and a boat. He had it rigged so that when he came to state that didn't allow 2 tows, that the boat and trailer was winched upside down on a cross bar thingy (can't call it anything else) on top of the pickup, and then he was only towing the 5er. I thought it was a bit extreme, but then I only eat fish. Guess he could get an inflatable boat and when it is deflated put it in the rig. Just thinking!!! Hobie makes a small motor driven inflatable fishing canoe/kayak/boat. Check it out.