Friday, November 16, 2012

No Firm Plans

I know I said in the last post that I would follow up in a day or two.  Well, that didn't happen.  If you know me you're not surprised.  So this is just a little note to catch you up on me.  Yes, I'm working at Amazon again.  I'm on the F shift which is a night shift on what they call the donut.  That means I work 2 days, then off a day, then on 2 days, then off 2 days, then start it all over again.  I think I'm liking that break in the middle. 

No, I have'nt sold the house yet.  We are still trying to get a closing set up.  Things keep happening.  Latest hitch?  Home office for the buyers' finance company is in New Jersey.  Will just keep thinking positive thoughts and somehow it will happen.

I left the state park.  It was a hard decision to make because I love looking out at the water every morning.  And I actually do like to see how many deer are out at 4 in the morning when I return home.  But the weather has turned cold early this year and the road into the park is twisty, winding, and down a hill.  Decided it might be a better idea to move closer to town. 

I am now at Heartland RV Park.  We call it the parking lot.  It's a large gravel lot across the street from the warehouse.   I think they have room for 100 or more campers.  It's ideal for work because I can walk to the warehouse in about 5 minutes so don't have to worry about driving home in the wee hours if the roads are slick.  And it has full hook ups so I can take that long hot shower when I get home from work.  But it is not a campground, certainly not a park, at least in my opinion.  The spots are really close together (my neighbor's lunch today smelled strongly of garlic) which is bad if you want to put out the awning and sit outside because you'll be under your neighbor's window.  But it's good because I'm small and all the bigger rigs all around me block off a lot of the cold wind.  All in all I think it's for the best.  And it's only for 5 more weeks!
  Here's my row.  I'm the next to last rv.

Here's the view from my "patio".  Amazon is just beyond those last 3 rows of campers.

 Here's the day shift heading home and some of my neighbors walking back to the "lot".

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