Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Never Burn Bridges

I know, I know.  It's been 3 weeks since my last post.  There I was in Maine posting nearly every day, and then I come home to the south and have nothing to say?  No, not really.  Just been pretty busy.

I returned from my beautiful Maine adventures and after spending the night in Nashville drove back to where Seeker was parked at cousin Madeline's farm in KY.  And then the days just flew by.  We have been digging into our family's past and searching for clues.  Also finding time for watching her grandkids and going to ballgames, doctor's appointments, etc.  Just everyday life.  Like me, Madeline is a weather channel junkie and with the approach of Sandy we have been glued to the TV and trying to avoid being out in all the cold and wind.  Yes, tropical storm Sandy blew all our beautiful, late fall warm weather away.  Left us with cold, windy, yucky weather.  Guess that made it easier to leave.

When I was a younger woman I never worried about the future.  Like most folks I just took for granted it would be there.  And never did I consider that my past could impact my future.  Time has taught me to be more prudent.  No matter how bad a situation may seem at the moment, I have tried to exit graciously never knowing when I might want to be back.  Such was the case of my first full timer job at Amazon in Campbellsville, KY last year.  It was not an awful job.  It was not a hard job.  It was just a job.  I never dreamed I would be doing it again this year even though I met several folks who have been coming back every year.  I didn't even think I did my job all that well, but I made sure I left graciously when I made my exit.  You never know what the future will bring.  I have finally, in my later years, learned not to burn my bridges.  So when I found myself in KY trying to stay near Nashville while finalizing the sale of my house, I found that the logical spot to be is back at Amazon.  And they seem delighted to have me back.  So I "crossed that bridge" this weekend and returned to the state park campground.  Today is indoctrination day.  Tomorrow and the rest of the week is training.  Back in the saddle, as they say.  I will add more info in the next day or two.  Right now I have to get ready for work. 

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