Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Lobstah -- Oh, Yeah!!

Ann and I have been in Maine for 4 days and have vowed to eat seafood everyday - mostly lobster.  We've had lobster chowder, lobster roll, lobster pot pie, and today - the best yet - lobster pizza.  OK, it may sound odd, but it was wonderful.  Today, after a day of souvenir shopping, caching, and running around Augusta we ended the day in the bar of the Cloud 9 restaurant.  Hey, it was happy hour!  We ordered our margaritas and immediately knew we were hungry.  And pizza was half price.  Of course we ordered the lobster.  Our chef, Pablo, held court over the brick oven where this heavenly creation came from.  All I can say is he is a genious!
And he didn't disappoint.  Just take a look at the delicious pie that was laid before us:
  Oops!  It smelled so good we forgot to take the picture before taking our first slices.  Yummmmmmyyyy!
In case you're wondering what goes on a lobster pizza, here's the description. 
Tomorrow???  MOOSE

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