Monday, October 8, 2012

My Travels with Ann

While Ann and I have been friends for many years, this was our first trip together.  I admit I was a little concerned that it could end our friendship.  The fact that we are close friends is even a surprise to many people.  To say we are very different people with very different likes/dislikes is an understatement.  She is grace and southern charm - make up always done, never a hair out of place, clothing and jewelry perfectly coordinated.  And I am, well, none of those things.  So how did a week on the road go for the Felix and Oscar of the retired teacher set? 

It was a blast!!!  We discovered just how much we have in common although we knew it wasn't make up, hair, jewelry, or clothes.  So this post is for Ann.  I had a great trip, girlfriend, and especially enjoyed watching you have so much fun.  I laughed so much I cried at times.  Can't wait for our next trip together!
 I can't believe she walked out through this field to find a geocache in the edge of the woods.  She did it gracefully I assure you and never got her hands dirty.
 Ann signed the log book at Delorme headquarters and admired the geocoin collection.  She is now obsessed with a moose geocoin.
  She was just in love with Eartha, the largest working globe in the world that resides in Yarmouth, Maine at the Delorme Headquarters.
 Can you believe she didn't do any shopping at LL Bean?  But she loved all the sights including this big boot.
 Everywhere we went Ann had her camera out and snapped so many pictures I just had to take a picture of her taking pictures.
 We drove up Moose Alley all the way to Canada and across the border into Quebec, but this was the only moose we saw on this trip.  She did a great job of stopping when a large deer jumped into the path of the car, but it wasn't a moose (drat).
  The Androscoggin foot bridge in Brunswick was a must see for me but it seems that bridges make Ann a bit nervous.  This one has been around a long time, Ann.  It's not going to fall, I promise.
 This was the shot we came for.  Just look at that fall color!  And the smile on Ann's face.  This was about 30 miles from Canada along Moose Alley.  It was a beautiful drive and definitely the highlight of the trip.

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  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful, memory making trip! Loved your photos. A special girlfriend is special. Again, glad you share your trip with us!