Tuesday, February 5, 2013

But Aren't You Lonely?

I get asked a lot of questions about life on the road.  One of the most common ones is about loneliness and lack of friends.  Well I can tell you that I am only alone when I choose to be.  There is a large tribe of folks out on the road like me.  We meet in parks and campgrounds wherever we travel.  It takes very little discussion to find common ground and before you know it you have a new friend that you spend some time with here and may meet up with somewhere down the road.

Last winter I worked at a campground just outside the entrance to the Okeefenokee NWR for 5 months.  I still hear from my UP'er camp buddy on ocassion through Skype.  And just last week I got a text from Herman and Linda, the other campers I worked with there, that they were working at a retreat 20 miles from where I was camped.  So we got together for the afternoon and caught up with each other.  The next day I left the Ocala National Forest and started heading west leaving Herman and Linda behind but catching up with my constant companions on NPR.

Yes, that's right, National Public Radio.  No matter where I go I can always find those same familiar voices keeping me informed on the news, new books, movies, even music.  And of course there is the entertainment.  Every Saturday night, whether I'm driving down the road or sitting in my camp, Garrison Keillor is there to entertain me for 2 hours.  I know I'm a geek, and an English major, and a bit off my rocker.  So that makes me a natural fan of his show.  His bits about the POEM (Professional Organization of English Majors) most of whom are working as burger flippers and other less than exciting jobs, just crack me up.  And the Guy Noir skits are great too. 

But it isn't all nerdy fun.  Click and Clack on Saturday afternoon are hysterical and I know next to nothing about cars.  They are actually 2 brothers from Boston who sprinkle a little car advice to call in listeners while cracking up the audience with their jokes.  This show also makes me miss my brother Clint a little, but it is just hysterical some times. 

Of course there is also my Tennessee license plate.  Not a week goes by that I don't have someone take a look at the plates and ask what part of Tennessee I hail from.  In the past week I've met a man from Pulaski, a couple from Florence, AL, and another couple from Decaturville.  New friends with common ground instantly!

So, am I lonely out here on the road?  Well, maybe a little sometimes.  But not for long.  I have my radio, new friends, old friends, the internet, and with luck, good cell phone coverage!

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