Thursday, February 14, 2013

Magic Words To Me

The next time I'm at the dentist and she says, "Close your eyes and think of someplace really relaxing" I only have 2 words to say: Cedar Key

Can't miss the entrance!
My week there was waaayy too short.  The folks were so good to me and easy to get to know and spend time with.  I do wish I could have stayed longer but at best, I can hope to get back there next year and believe me, next time it will be for at least a month!  To all my friends I left there, well, I'm jealous.  To all my friends and readers who haven't been there yet, ya' gotta go.  No, wait, if too many of you go there won't be room for me.  So sit back and enjoy the view.  It's real old Florida style.

The park where I camped is called Sunset Isle RV Park but I forgot to get a picture of the sunset.  Just too busy I guess. 
View of the camp from across the water.  No you can't see my spot.

Very old Florida style

Next door is the place I really see Ann staying when she visits me here. 

The Tiki Bar is literally steps from your room Ann (and not many steps from the hammock).

The Tiki Bar doesn't look like much from the water but up close you will see some really unique use of old wine and liquor bottles.  Wish I could have gotten a photo of the morning sun shining through the glass.
Just follow the signpost to get here
I really liked the continuation of the bottle theme on the gates
near the hammock that lead to the private garden.

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