Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Mother Road

Obviously the quickest route from Oklahoma
City to Gore is straight down 40 East.  Since that was the route I took on the westward run to visit the 99s Museum, well, you know I hate to take the same road twice.  And I realized that a large part of the old Route 66 still existed between the 2 cities, so I had to try it. 

My first great find was Pops.  At first glance it is simply a gas station and convenience store.  But it has found its way into the Roadside America list of quirky places to see.  I think the 30 ft. tall "pop" bottle out front has something to do with it.
It was quite the site to see.  I just wish I had found it after dark when it's all lit up.

A little further down the road I came upon the Round Barn.  They claim the
barn was there before the historic road.  I suppose that is so, but what I found disappointing was how touristy this stop was.  Keep moving on east.

I came upon the old gas station without warning and had to turn around and go back.  Supposedly it is what remains of a circa 1928 gas station along this historic route.  I am happy to report that the grafitti artists and liter bugs have either not found this place or chosen to leave it be.
Just imagine how much gas was when this place opened up!

There really wasn't much of the old road left to see and after the old station I didn't see much else so once I got to Sapulpa I got on the freeway and headed on home.  But I haven't given up on the Mother Road.  She stretches all the way to California.  I'll be looking for more parts as I travel farther west and keep you posted to unique finds along the way.

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