Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting Away From It All

So like I said before, the job I'm doing right now is not really my cup of tea.  The folks I work with are great, and the job is not really hard to do or to learn.  It's just that I don't care for the big crowds in a small campground and that's what this is.  So I grin and get through my days here and then on the good days I jump in the car and head to my sanctuary:
Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. 
It's only a 20 mile drive from the family camp where I'm living and working, but it's worlds away in difference.  Of course there's no camping there so it's not like I could really live there, but I would if they would let me.  The refuge has a 6 mile wildlife viewing drive that was perfect for me with my leg in the long brace.

The first night I just drove out to a viewing site near a pond and sat with my camera and binoculars and listened to the quiet birdsong.

Each time I go there I see something new and add new birds to my life list.  I've even seen a good size snake, huge turtle, and a bobcat.  None of them seemed to mind me and since they were quiet and didn't try to attack me or ask me for quarters for the arcade games, I was fine with just watching them go by.

 It's a peaceful place and I'm sure I'll be adding some more pix from there. 
But for now, here's the neighbors I've gotten pix of (sorry, the bobcat was too quick for my camera).

Took this picture from inside the car!

Same road just a little further along.

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