Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Weekend on the Road

Saturday morning started gray and dreary with showers.  Just as we were about to go across the street to visit the Llamas (yes llamas) the bottom fell out and the llamas ran for shelter.  So we packed up and headed south.  Of course most people would just get on the interstate and be back home in a couple of hours.  But that's not in the nature of the Horizon Seeker.  We got back on 31E and headed to Bardstown stopping briefly at Rooster Run  for gas and a sandwich.  Rode around Bardstown looking for the Trappist Monks who make the bourbon fudge,    got lost, got back on 31E and stopped at Lincoln's birthplace for a potty break and to walk Gus.

Staying on the backroads for a couple more hours brought us to a lovely picnic spot below the Wolf River Dam.  Yep, the one with the big cracks that is supposed to flood half of middle and east Tennessee if it breaks.          It was a beautiful spot and the weather had turned gorgeous.  After a lunch in the shadow of doom (Betsy's dramatic wording) we kept going south to get to Pall Mall.

In Pall Mall we made 3 stops: the home of Alvin C. York (you know, the one the state of Tennessee gave him after the war),  the grave of Alvin C. York on a windy hillside outside of town, and Forbus General Store in Pall Mall which has the best fudge in the world.  Sadly, they had no dreamsicle fudge so we settled for Amaretto chocolate fudge. 

We settled at a site in Pickett State Park  and after setting up, starting a fire, and walking Gus it was time for beans and burgers cooked on the fire with brie and crackers, mango salsa with multi grain scoops and of course, fudge for dessert.  After our late night of ghost busting the night before we were ready for bed early Saturday night.  We left out early this morning to have lots of time to roam as we headed home.  We took the scenic route - the only way to go for true Horizon Seekers - over the mountains of Monterey through twisting backroads.  But eventually we did get back to Nashville and the Seeker is parked for a short while.  Later this week Seeker will be in the shop getting a special addition - towing package for taking along the HHR on long trips.  Now this should be exciting.

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