Sunday, April 10, 2011

Still Just a Weekend Warrior

Back home again after a weekend escape in Horizon Seeker.  The Goddess and I drove down the trace to Hohenwald Friday after school and parked at my favorite stepdaughter's house then hopped in her van to get to the local ballpark in time for grandson's ball game.  Their team lost but it was a nice family outing and Aiden played hard on the field while Addy and Drake played hard off the field with some of their friends.  I swear I don't know how Darlene keeps up with all of them. 

After the game we went back to the house and sat up late with girl talk.  Hadn't done that in a long while so it was really fun.  Darlene has always been my biggest supporter in the family.  Nothing I do surprises her so when I said I was retiring from teaching, selling my house, and traveling around the country in a small rv her response was "Sounds fun." 

Saturday morning we drove to Dickson and set up in a beautiful site at Montgomery Bell State Park.  We were on the backside of the campgrounds with lots of shade and a fast running creek just a few feet from our door.  The lot was very clean and level and had full hookups for $25.  Just after we got the awning out and the chairs unfolded our friends Jen and Braden drove up.  Originally they had planned to pitch a tent on our site but some unexpected events at home meant they would have to return home that evening (about 45 minutes away).  Still, they did spend the day with us and it's always fun to get together with them.

Braden and I waded in the creek and had a rock skipping contest.  Then the Goddess and Jen went to town to buy a few more things for dinner, I went inside to tenderize the chicken, and Braden waded the creek again (give him a break, he's 13).  He's a good kid and when I asked him to help start the campfire he was there putting all his boy scout skills to work.  When the girls got back he pitched in to make the salad while Jen and I put the chicken and some kabobs on the fire. 

The evening ended with a feast at the picnic table and more laughter.  We teased Braden a lot about his upcoming birthday Easter weekend.  He and his mother will be camping with fellow geocachers at Henry Horton State Park, but we won't be able to make that camp since we have plans to be in Louisville, KY on those days.  We will be camping with them this summer in Pennsylvania at Geowoodstock, and from my estimation on a 14 yr old's appetite, we may need to pull a trailer to have enough food for Braden over 4 days!  

Seeker is parked out back again and the last load of laundry is folded and put away.  It's back to school tomorrow (7 weeks to go) and get through another week.  Then escape in Seeker again.  Next week - Pelham, TN.

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