Friday, April 22, 2011

Do You Believe?

Have you ever felt like you weren't alone when you thought you were?  Ever had that eerie feeling that someone was right over your shoulder, whispering in your ear?  I did, in fact, tonight, as I walked down the darkened hallways of Waverly Sanitarium in Louisville, KY.  Yes, that Waverly.  The one that the ghosthunters did a show about on TAPS with the unexplained phenomena.  Check out their website at 

And the weather tonight was just perfect for ghost hunting.  We had driven into Louisville under threat of storms and even got stalled on I 65 with a heavy downpour.  By the time we got to Waverly it was just before dusk and the wet weather had left a hazy feeling in the air.  Off in the distance flashes of lightning played in the sky.  Fortunately, or some may say unfortunately, the weather remained calm around Waverly while we completed our tour.  At 10pm we drove about 20 miles south to an RV park where we had a spot reserved.  Just as we got water and electric hooked up and got back inside the storms arrived.  By midnight we were all exhausted and the storms were not letting up.  Gus was unhappy with the weather and paced most of the night.  I slept in the penthouse suite with an awesome serenade of hail stones during the night.  My curtains were closed so I missed the light show but the girls were wakened by it many times.  What a great way to end our night of ghost hunting. 

Ok, I know it's lame to some of you, but I do believe in spirits that walk on this earth.  Some, like my dear departed Larry, are kind, protective (and sometimes playful) spirits.  He left this world surrounded by the ones who loved him most and I do believe that he looks after us.  Other spirits are out there too, but they are not so happy and left this world in less happier circumstances.  And a lot of them inhabit the old hallways, terraces,and treatment rooms of what was once a large, busy TB hospital.  So, take a look at the pictures and see what you think.  Do you believe?

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