Monday, December 5, 2011

A Fond Farewell to My Kentucky Home - For Now

It's Monday afternoon - well morning for me since I got off work at 3:30 this morning then went to sleep around 5am.  So, yes, 2pm is my Mondary morning.  It's my last Monday morning here at the park with all the other Amazonians.  In 2 days I will hook up and pull out headed for swampier regions.  I have some anxieties of course.  Will the engine start?  Do I remember how to drive Seeker?  Will it still be raining? 

Answers to the first 2 questions will be known on Wednesday.  But so far the weather guessers are promising that the rain will taper off tomorrow and leave me a beautiful sunny day to leave Kentucky in my rear view mirror.  I hope they are right.  It's such a great adventure here and I would not like for my last memory of this place to be one of gray skies and big fat raindrops (not to mention slick roads).

I must admit I envy the park manager Sharon.  Her job is to live here and keep folks happy.  Aside from the occassional skunk infiltration (which Gus thankfully avoided) and a few loud campers who had to be put on the road, this would be a dream job.  The lake is beautiful and every morning I can watch the sun rise over the cut in the island across the lake (well, if I'm awake I can).  She's done an excellent job in my book and I do look forward to returning for a visit here sometime.

I will also miss my buddies at Amazon.  I've met some really fine folks there who work hard for the money and my hat is off to them for working at it every day for years.  It's crazy hours, hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  The warehouse is pretty clean for a warehouse, but it is still a warehouse which means it's dusty and the spiders love it.  I've had a pretty wicked cough since I got here and I have no doubt it will clear up just fine once I leave.  I don't know how those folks keep it up but I do understand that you do what you have to do to be where you want to be.  This part of Kentucky is so beautiful.  I understand why folks want to be here.

According to I have visited 103 of the 120 counties in Kentucky and I don't think any of it was any prettier than right here.  The rolling hills and green farmlands are just so peaceful.  Of course the coal-rich mountains of the east and the river bottomlands of the west have their own kind of beauty too.  I saw a lot here and I intend to see more when I return to this area in May for Geowoodstock.  I still want to go to Cave in Rock, Monkey's Eyebrow, and the Patton Museum.  I did eat dinner at the Whistle Stop Cafe but I didn't eat the fried green tomatoes.  There were horse farms in the north and a metorite hole in the southeast.  And I'll never forget vomiting all over the haunted sanitarium.  I doubt Phil will forget that night either!

But it's time to put away the folding chairs, unhook the landline, and cruise down the road to the next adventure: alligators!!!!!

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