Thursday, March 17, 2011

How much can I pack into 24 hours?

Wow, hard to believe it's been only a day since my last post.   So much to tell.

We made it to the southern terminus of the trace today in Natchez after spending the night in Grand Gulf, Mississippi by accident.  Accident because we had planned to stay in Clinton which was a very nice little town but the RV park was really a mobile home park with a badly slanted paved lot with no trees.  I call it the Bad Sam park and the goddess calls it the Pentacostal Easter Bunny RV park (only she can explain that one).  So we got back on the trace and went down to mile post 54 thinking we would stay at the NPS park and dry camp for the night, but it was full.  Our last shot was Grand Gulf at mile post 41.  We followed the trace to Port Gibson and followed the signs to the state park in Grand Gulf.  Warily, I might add.  The town looked sad and somewhat seedy.  Within 3 miles of the park we passed the Backroad Bar & Grill and the entrance to the nuclear power plant.  Just as we were beginning to look for a place to turn around (which would have been back at the Backroads) we turned a corner and found a little slice of heaven.

Grand Gulf Military Park and Campground sits on a hill but all the sites are concrete and level.  It's clean and quiet and the grounds are dotted with blooming trees and white iris in bloom.  This morning I walked Gus up the nature trail to the fire tower which was just past the rifle pits, and back down past the cemetery.  We stopped for a geocache in the woods then headed back for breakfast.  After we checked out we browsed the awesome museum and grounds, got good directions to the Windsor ruins and the gold hand church from the friendly folks in the office, and headed out.  I highly recommend this park. 

Witth good directions we found the quaintly southern downtown of Port Gibson which is most noted for the Presbyterian church with a gold hand on top of the spire pointing up to heaven,  When looked at from the wrong angle it almost looks like they are giving heaven the finger.  Oops!  From there it was 10 miles of backroad to the ruins of the Windsor plantation which was incredible, but sadly in ruins since a fire.  Well worth the trip.

Back to the trace and off at Natchez where yes, we drove through town at lunch time.  I am learning how to manuever.  We sought out the holy grail for Aunt Jemima fans - the Mammy House Restaurant.  You'll have to see the pix to believe it. 

Tonight we are in a Good Sam park in Vidalia, LA just over the river from Natchez.  We have barge traffice outside the windows and the bridge lit up at night is quite nice. 

Sadly, we head north tomorrow.  Will try to make it an adventure too!

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