Monday, March 7, 2011

Trial by the opposite of fire

Well, I am back home again.  At least this is home for now.  Soon I hope to have this sticks and stone house sold and moving on with my life.  Just spent the weekend taking one big step toward that change in my life.  Spent the weekend traveling to and from GA to purchase and pick up my 24 foot motor home.  She is an Itasca Spirit but I call her Horizon Seeker.  Right from the beginning there were trials to overcome.  Foremost of those trials was the nonstop rain.  After signing the papers and picking up a few essentials it was off to the campground next door where my new rig was waiting for me.  And while the rig itself was set up on a level, solid bed of gravel it was surrounded with mud puddles which means I now have muddy footprints on my carpet.

After a solid 24 hours of rain I can be sure there is no leak in my new home on wheels and that the heating system works well.  So then the next trial was getting over Monteagle Mountain in Sunday afternoon traffic which was busy and a bit hairy at times, but I did make it.  And since the rains had stopped I decided to make another overnight stop.  We were the only camper in Old Stone Fort state park in Manchester which is about 45 miles from Nashville.  I have to say that the park was well managed and I felt very secure with the ranger patrolling through every hour until the gates were locked.  The only scary moment was actually entering the camping area.  My first time across a narrow one lane bridge in the seeker.  I actually drove down into the park and came back to get across on the second try.

Stayed till lunch time then packed up to head home and saw that I had a low tire on the back so eased out of the park and into the first station with an air hose.  Replaced the air and a missing valve cap then headed into Nashville the slow way - straight up 41 North.  This is the way I like to travel - slow and through the countryside.  And soon I will be able to travel as slowly as I like.  Looking forward to it.


  1. Good Job, Vickie!! Now try it with a class A diesel pusher! LOL!

  2. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more blog/forum posts about your adventures.