Saturday, March 26, 2011

Looking at the Nashville Skyline and living on memories

After one full week back at work I can honestly say I hate it.  I always knew I didn't like it much, but after a week in Horizon Seeker I know just how much I dislike it.  So I am trying to get by with the knowledge that in 9 weeks the school year will be over, I will be retired, and new horizons will open for me. 

It's a gray, rainy day in the Music City so I am camping in th den.  I did take Seeker out to gas her up and have a low tire checked.  Gus rode along so we stopped off at a rec area on the shores of Percy Priest and I let him smell the outdoor air for a bit.  He has taken to rv life just fine.  Got Seeker parked back beside the workshop and will spend the day doing some things around the house and working on future plans.

And reliving some good memories from our first trip to Natchez.  Did I mention my visit to the graves of the last king and queen of the gypsies?  If you are like me and enjoy roaming through old cemeteries, then you'll love Rose Hill in Meridian, Mississippi.  And there you will find the gypsy graves.  The whole cemetery is interesting so I walked around having a look and reading headstones.  Must be the history teacher in me.

Guess I'll close this post here and try to do a few things around the house.  If the sun is shining tomorrow I will get Seeker out on the road to somewhere - somewhere close.

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