Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Visit to The Boneyard


So it was a cool, breezy morning in Las Vegas and I had just finished participating in a roadside cleanup in Red Rock Canyon with the local geocaching group.  Then I pulled out the GPSr to see what caches were close to me and started following coordinates and signing caches.  As I was
heading toward a cache near Woodlawn Cemetery I saw a sign that said "Neon Museum" and I took a quick right.  OMG!  It's the boneyard!  Well, not the real one because it 

Part of the sign that the daughter
danced on in the movie Vegas Vacation.
would be too dangerous with all that broken glass and metal everywhere.  The museum is the cleaned up version and while I don't usually spend money on guided museum tours I did here
(it was the only way they allow you to tour the sign yard).  
The museum is on Las Vegas Blvd within sight of the Stratosphere and housed in what used to be the lobby of the La Concha Motel.

The docent was very good.
Wonder if they'd notice
me taking this?
  The tour takes you through the yard where the signs are displayed and some are even cleaned up and lighted.  So without further ado,
I will shut up and just flood this post with pix.


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