Monday, April 14, 2014

WARNING: Bird Nerd Alert

OK, I try to spare my friends and family from my birding addiction, but my visit to Patagonia Lake State Park was so great I just had to share.  By the way.  I borrowed these shots from the park website.  You know I can't take pictures.

This lovely Arizona State Park is located only minutes from the Mexico border.  It's central draw is a gorgeous lake in an otherwise desert locale.  The campgrounds are full most of the year and the number of boats on the lake on a pretty day is probably in the triple digits.  Thankfully it's a big lake. 

This Elegant Trogan is a once in a lifetime
sighting.  Many birders spend days
looking for one of these.  Our
group happened upon 2!
The other crowd that is attracted to all the water is wintering birds, and that makes Patagonia a must do destination for birders any where near the lake.  After leaving all my wonderful friends and memories behind me at the Bosque this was my next destination to reach before the weather turned too warm and all the Mexico birds head back home for summer. 

So I went on a bird walk which means I walked around with a group of about 20 other bird nerds led by a local birding group leader.  We only walked about 2 miles round trip around the southern part of the lake but it took us just over 4 hours.  And
This little guy lives most of his life in Mexico
but does spend the winter at Patagonia:
Northern Beardless Tyrannulet
We located him by his chirp which
sounds like the beep your microwave
makes when the popcorn's done!
my results?  I saw 38 individual species including 2 that I saw for the first time and that some birders never get to see. 

This Costa's Hummingbird was a ho hum
sighting for the local folks but for me it
was very exciting.  Arizona has 15
species of hummers!
OK, all done with the birding news for now.  Sorry if I bored any of you.  Hope some of you enjoyed my side trip. 

Next post?  Visiting friends and family.

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