Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Day Another Sea

Finally, after 3 1/2 years on the road I made it to California.  And with gas prices hovering around $4.50 a gallon, I won't be staying around long.  I found a nice moderately priced rv camp just across the Colorado River.  The first thing I figured out is that I could go back across the river to fill my car up at the Flying J for $3.39 a gallon.  If you go early in the morning you hit a line at the pumps and most of the cars have California plates. 

Originally I had thought I wanted to camp in Yuma but this worked out better as it was closer and meant burning less fuel in Seeker.  Since she gets around 12 miles to the gallon when towing it seemed better to camp in Blythe and drive my car to Yuma for a day trip.  Which I did do.  But don't expect any great reviews.  I hit Yuma on a hot day with temps between 95 and 100 and also the opening day of their Centennial Celebration.  Bad timing is an understatement.  Perhaps I'll get back there one day.  Just on a less hot less crowded day. 

On a better day I did get out to the Salton Sea.  This place is unique to say the least.  It's an inland salt water lake basically, and while there are 2 rivers and agricultural run off that add to the sea, the only way moisture leaves is through evaporation.  And did I mention the salt content?  Try 50% more saline than the Pacific Ocean!  Once upon a time the lake was a fishing destination but with the rise in salinity only one fish, a tilapia, can live in the sea.  With the abundance of fish and decline in fisherman the Salton Sea has become a destination for lots of birds.  And that's what brought me here.
I only had a few hours to visit, but I did manage to see some great birds.  Oh, and with all those fish be prepared to face a strong fishy smell at the waterside.  Nevertheless, I thought it was a beautiful destination and hope to get back there sometime this fall or winter when the birds are really good.  Till then I have settled for sticking my feet in one more "sea".

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