Monday, April 14, 2014

Visiting Friends and Family

Of course I had to visit the local
cemetery.  Some very unique
headstones here.
In my last post I talked about being in southern Arizona to see some pretty gorgeous birds.  I was also in that area for another reason.  My good friend Ann was out here for an artist workshop so I made sure our paths crossed for a few days. 

The courtyard at Tubac
Country Inn.  Almost made
me wish I could stay there.
Ann was staying in a former ghost town that is now a well known artist colony called Tubac.  I caught up with her at the Tubac Country Inn which is a very charming spot.  If you are into art and get the chance to visit Tubac I highly recommend staying here.  Her room was spacious, nicely appointed, and decorated in southwest style.  The inn has a gorgeous courtyard where I met up with Ann and sat in awe of all the folks sitting around making jewelry, drawing the landscape, and doing watercolors in the garden.  I of course was briefly distracted by the Broad Billed Hummingbird. 
Later we strolled into town where the shops are filled with works from local artists and imports from nearby Mexico.  Her week was full with all the
Teresa does beautiful
mosaic glass work
like this.
workshop classes but we did get to have a day to get out and see some of the sights nearby.  And then she was off again and back to Nashville.

This bracelet is soooo
gorgeous and it has
a matching necklace!
My favorite piece of
Pat's beadwork. 
My time in this part of Arizona was done so I headed up to visit with family.  Pat and Teresa have been living in central Arizona for about 5 years now.  Their home is warm and cozy with a great back porch that looks out on a small lake which I of course used for some birding.  And once again I forgot to take pictures of us or them.  So I'm filling the gap with some pictures of some of their work.  Yes, you know I'm surrounded by artists out here.  It was a good week and Pat and I had some good visits.  I always love to hear him talk about Grandpa Wade and my uncles.  And now that Tina and her family (Pat and Tee's oldest) have moved out here they
are never at a want for company. 

Soon my week was over.  Time to move on down the road.  I hear Yuma calling I think.

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