Monday, June 27, 2011

Blowing Through Ohio

We really had no clear plan for Ohio when we planned this trip.  Only knew we wanted to see something there.  Something unique.  Something unusual.  Something not too many others can say they've seen.  That turned out to be the memorial to the wreck of the airship USS Sheandoah in Ava, Ohio. 

28 miles into Ohio we exited the superslab of 77 and followed a crooked 2 lane into downtown Ava where I had to turn around in the parking lot of the post office because even at 30 it's possible to blow through town and miss the reason you came.  By the way, I'm getting pretty good at turning around in tight spots while towing my car.  So once we got turned around and crept slowly back into Ava to find the pull off across the road from the memorial we were able to really admire the work that this small, far from affluent town has done to preserve a small piece of American military history.  There was another site where you could visit the exact spot where the blimp (or most of it) actually crashed but since it was down an even smaller road than the one we had already had to turn around on, I declined. 

Back to the superslab and more miles westward we traveled until we decided to stop for the night in Amish country.  I had planned to grill marinated chicken over a fire but just as I was turning the chicken the rains came.  Needless to say I had to finish cooking in the microwave.  Not complaining though.  We've had beautiful weather today and the rain didn't even last long. 

We are in a site near the back of the park that backs up to a deer farm.  After dinner we walked down to the edge of the field and counted a small herd of about 25 with 3 fawns still sporting spots and all the males standing aloof in a different field with their antlers still coated in velvet.  Tonight's plan is for some restful sleep.  Tomorrow we plan to see a little of the Amish countryside before blowing on through to Pennsylvania.

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