Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I Geocache

If you are around me much or read this blog often you will hear me mention geocaching.  It's a hobby I picked up in 2004 at a workshop while working with 4H leaders at their Rock Eagle camp outside of Atlanta, GA.  Lots of teachers (including me) have used geocaching to teacher a variety of subjects.  It works well since it combines so many skills and it's a game so the kids don't realize they are learning.

But for those of you who don't know what it is, just think of a scavenger hunt and add in a GPS receiver.  It's great fun for those of us who like to work puzzles, or hike, or learn new facts about history we thought we knew, or learn little known facts about places we are visiting, or a combination of any or all of those things.  You can learn more about it at where there's a 2 minute video that helps to explain the basics.  You can even find local cachers with a lot of experience who will help you get started or just take you out to give you a taste and see if you get hooked. 

I have cached in every county in Tennessee, 40 states, Canada, Mexico, and most of southeast Asia.  But why?  Well, I love puzzles and sometimes there are puzzles to solve so my mind gets a workout.  And I love to hike and there are lots of caches on trails on state parks so Gus and I often hike a trail to get a workout and to find caches.  And the local history ones are always fun.  That's how I found Dutchy while I was visiting Elberton this week.  It's one of those great local color types of histories that you won't find unless you talk to local folk - or go to the geocaching link above and type in GCR8XQ on the search line which is Dutchy's code number.  You will be taken straight to the story and even if you don't find the cache, and I didn't, you will still have fun learning. 

And that's why I geocache.  And now that I'm a full time, or at least a three quarter time rver, I just have to decide where to point Seeker and look for all the caches I want!

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