Friday, June 24, 2011

The Latest Adventure Begins

For those who didn't know, I'm back on the road again.  My favorite place to be.

Doc Bob listened to my lungs and pronounced them 90% clear.  Still have a nagging cough and some wheezing.  Gave me a script for those pearls that numb your throat to stop the coughing.  Took one earlier today and I guess it helped.  Tonight I am applying a little bit of red wine for the same effect. 

Hooked up the orange bug to the back of Seeker today for the first time in a long time.  Wasn't sure I had done it all right and panicked and called Eric who installed the tow system to be sure I had it right.  Just a little nervous I guess.  So the CIBs on tour pulled out of Drummond Drive at noon Nashville time.

We arrived at My Old Kentucky Home State Park in Bardstown, KY around 4pm their time.  Not a long drive today but we made reservations to stay here this weekend because we had been through this town once before and said if ever we get the chance, this is a place to come back to for a long visit.  Well, for me 2 days is long,

First trick was unhooking the car from the rv so that I could back into the site.  I must say that taking it all apart is a lot quicker than hooking it all up!  Once we got backed in and "fairly" level I realized that the electric hook up was too far away.  Went to ask for a different spot but the very kind young man in the check in booth brought us a 30amp extension cord to use for the weekend.  Of course we had trouble hooking it up and had to get him to help again.  I'm sure it will take his hand strenghth to unhook us on Sunday.

Had some lunch and and sat around just chilling a while.  I took Gus for a walk around the campgrounds and we found a geocache.  Then about 7pm we decided to go into town and just look around, maybe find a cache or two. 

I can not tell you have lovely this town is.  Bardstown dates back to the 1780s  and it is full of charm.  There's a drug store which still has its soda fountain and you can bet we will be served there before we leave town.  As we were walking around town we kept seeing some gorgeous cars from the 50s/60s.  There was a 57 Chevy that I loved and I waved, but I think the driver thought I was excited about him.  He circled the block and stopped to talk to us.  Gus growled and we were polite but moved on quickly. 

It's now almost midnight.  About time to close up the computers and get some sleep.  The park is full - not an empty site at all.  We will rise early in the morning and walk Gus, eat breakfast, then go into town to see some sights and buy our tickets for th distillery tour. 

Yeah, I love the open road!

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