Monday, June 27, 2011

West Virginia Really Blows - Glass!

Been busy and let the days get away.  We had a great time in Bardstown caching and sightseeing.  Then Sunday morning we hooked up and heading east by northeast into the great state of West Virginia.  Yes, I know there are shorter routes to Pennsylvania, but we had one destination in mind: The Blenko Glass Co. in Milton, WV.  We arrived there on Sunday afternoon only to learn that there are no tours on Sunday.  So we went 20 miles down the road to stay at this small city park that we'd heard about where you can stay along the river for free and it even has electric and water.  Of course that's unless it's the one weekend of the year when they are having a carnival and all the spots are filled by the carnival folks.  Starting to see a trend here we decided to backtrack to Milton and stay at a nearby campground.  We had a great site near the immaculate bathhouse and even did a load of laundry while we were there.  The WiFi was good and strong too so why didn't I post?  Just lazy I guess.

First thing this morning we broke camp and headed up the road the couple of miles to Blenko.  And it was worth all the headaches and waiting.  Not only is the glasswork beautiful, watching the ballet of these craftsmen working together to create each piece is magnificent.  We must have stood there an hour or two, not really sure, just watching them make one glass beauty after another.  In the museum we also saw some of the stained glass windows produced there.  It is all great.

We turned Seeker west by northwest this time and headed for the Ohio River.  Just this side of Ohio we stopped at the Fenton Glassworks, but they were not doing any tours this week - starting to feel like I'm under a dark cloud here.  We did have a nice lunch at the West Virginia Welcome Center and the Goddess took a wild ride on a Harley, then we crossed the river and headed on for new adventures in Ohio.

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