Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Feeling Soggy But Grateful

I guess it's no secret the weather here in Oklahoma has been a bit windy the past few days.  And after watching the news reports yesterday and today I'm too embarassed to admit any suffering on my part.  I have to admit I spent about 6 hours sitting dressed in my clothes (including my raincoat) and watching the western sky and hoping if the warning horns did start blowing I could get to the shelter fast enough.  Actually it wasn't really that dramatic but I did have everything ready to go out the door quickly if I had to.  Fortunately it didn't get too bad.  The power only went out a couple of times and not for very long each time.  We have cable tv here so I was able to watch CNN and The Weather Channel through the night.  Also kept an eye on the weather updates on the Tulsa station who was tracking the storm as it moved northeast from Oklahoma City. 

The best I can tell the nearest tornado was 30 miles away in Tahlequah.  For about an hour the wind was pretty fierce here in the park.  The owner of the fifth wheel next to me is going to want to bring a tree saw with him on his next visit.  I had come home during lunch yesterday and put my awning away just in case.  Even after all the tornadoes moved on the thunderstorms stayed here all night and up until the middle of the afternoon today. I can truly vouch for the watertightness of Seeker.  She kept me warm and dry through it all. 

Tomorrow the sun is due to come out and start drying up the puddles.  I am so lucky.  I know that.  But I think Oklahoma is a passing thing.  I'm just about ready to move on out of here now before I get caught up in the next big blow and end up landing on top of some witch's house in Oz.

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