Monday, May 13, 2013

Take Me Back To Tulsa!

My name is on the log at Oklahoma's oldest cache.
If I'm ever feeling a little blue I just find a station playing western swing music and my mood is quickly lifted.  And here in the land of cowboys I have actually found a station that plays cool old Bob Wills classics.  So I was listening to western swing just the other day as I drove under the big sign marking the halfway point on Route 66 in downtown Tulsa.  This was my first visit to Tulsa but it won't be my last. 

Just outside of town is the Keystone Dam and a trail that leads to the oldest geocache
in the state of Oklahoma (placed there in early 2001).  After the hike I returned to downtown for a real treat.  There is a paved trail down both banks of the Arkansas River

Looking across the river from the west side.
as it winds through downtown with a total of nearly 20 miles for walking, running, or as in my case, riding your bike.  And even on a warm weekday afternoon the trail was busy.  I will have to plan my next trip for early morning on a Monday perhaps.
Can you see the bow hunter on the pedestrian bridge?  The water
below was shallow and made it easy to see the fish.
Still, I was able to ride about 4 miles finding geocaches and munzees along the way.  But I had to cut the day short to get back to Seeker (about 65 miles back) with a stop about halfway in Muskogee at the Walmart for supplies.  Guess this was more of a recon mission, but one day soon I will TAKE ME BACK TO TULSA.

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