Saturday, May 18, 2013

Running Away With The Circus

So I asked myself, what would my family and friends say if I told them I had run away and joined the circus?  And self answered, "It probably wouldn't surprise them at all."  So I made the call to a certain circus that was advertising a need that I could fill.  Nope, not a juggler or a tight rope walker (I'm probably not that good any way) or a lion tamer (not that brave either).  Just a plain old school teacher job. 

Most people don't really think about it, but a circus is really a big family.  A big traveling family.  And in that family you find children - children that need an education.  So the circus was advertising the need for a teacher with an rv and the willingness to travel along with the circus and teach about 20 students each day.  Sounds like the job was made for me.  So I made the call.  And we talked for quite a while.  According to the lady I spoke with, I'm perfect for the job.  Can I start right away?.......

That was the hardest "no" I've ever had to utter. 

Let me make that a "no for right now" since I don't want to close that door forever.  I mean the pay and the work situation really sound good.  But I have made an obligation here in Oklahoma and I can't see myself just walking off this job with no notice.  And a recent stumble has left me in a knee brace that has slowed me down for a while.  Since the circus moves daily I just couldn't see a way for me to keep up.  So I said "no, for now".  Who knows.  The opportunity could around again and next time I might just say "YES!!"  Until then I'll keep practicing my juggling act.

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  1. I saw that ad. That would definitely make for an interesting RV travel adventure.