Monday, January 7, 2013

A St Marys Walkabout

Hope you don't mind a post of mostly pix.  Today was so beautiful I just had to get out and see some of the sights, even though I was in St Marys quite a bit last year.  Tried to get to the submariners museum but hit it on the right day wrong time.  It's a lovely little town but there's not a lot to do. 

I spent the first night at this commercial rv camp.  Don't know why they still have the old house here as the owners live in the park.  Guess it adds local color.  The park was really nice with concrete, full hook up sites and very nice showers. 

But one night there was enough for me.


 I moved over to Crooked River State Park for the rest of my stay here.  Now I have a view of the river through the pines from site 11, a nice level pull through site.  There was a ranger guided bird walk my first day and the trails through the park are wonderful, but you do have to watch for wild hogs in the deep woods.
Downtown St. Marys is quiet and small.  A few shops and restaurants and of course the headquarters for Cumberland Island National Refuge.  This is were you go to catch the ferry.  It's a quiet little town most of the time although last spring a tv show filmed on the waterfront and really had things in a stir.
  Once again the museum was closed when I got there.  I'm just not meant to see inside this place!  Out on the docks a coomerant, a pelican, and a gull were keeping watch on the boats at anchor.
  Of course, all work and no play is not my style, so I had to stop in for a beer with the local sailors at The Bloody Bucket.  Really had some interesting conversations with the locals about healthcare, the national economy, and of course, presidential politics. 
Made it back home in time to watch the sun go down through the pines and have a quiet evening at home.  Tomorrow looks like a gray, rainy day so I think I'll head to a museum I've been meaning to stop at before.  More tomorrow!    

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