Friday, January 4, 2013

Bird Brained

My morning started early as I made the move from the commercial rv park over to Crooked River State Park.  And then 2 great things happened:  I found out I was due 4 free nights at the park for my workcamping over the past year, and site 11 was sitting there waiting for me!!

Why is site 11 so exciting?  Well, it's very level.  It's a pull through.  And it overs a lovely river view.  All good things, don't you think?  The reason I started early was to get here (a 3 mile trip) and get set up in time to take the birding class at 10am.  Jessica, the same park ranger who led the awesome paddle trip to Cumberland Island last spring, was the ranger in charge.  She really knows her birds.  There was a slide show in the nature center and then we got our binoculars out and headed off to the trails.  We only saw about 15 species on a 2 mile trail, most of which I already had on my list, but it was still great to be out and watching the wildlife.  I added the eastern towhee  

and the "butcher bird" the shrike, which is very similar to the mockingbird.  A very nice way to start the day.

The sun did finally come out this afternoon and warmed us up to the high 50s.  I came back around 2:00 to eat some lunch and the sun was shining in on me.  The next thing I knew I was reading and laying on my daybed and well, slept away the afternoon.  I will seriously have to improve on this tomorrow, but today really was good.  Hope to visit the woodstork rookery in town tomorrow - and stay awake all day!

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  1. I think maybe all the worry you've had over the last weeks just caught up with you and you needed to relax it away. Sounds like a great start to being on the road again. Enjoy.