Thursday, January 10, 2013

If It's Free It's For Me

So early on a beautiful albeit somewhat foggy Florida morning I headed out of St. Augustine on A1A.  Once you get out of the city the views are gorgeous.  And just as I was seeing the last of the city in my rear view mirror I saw a sign for Fort Matanzas National Historic Site. 

Well, that's one I never heard about.  So I stopped.  Turns out that this was a Spanish fort started in the early 1700s.  And when the British showed up and tried to take it away from them, well, they couldn't.  In fact, they did so badly it was more of a slaughter than a battle, hence the name which means massacre.  After a brief film in the visitor center I moved outside to the dock to wait for my ferry over to the fort. 

While waiting on the dock I saw a local fisherman feed a fish to a big brown pelican while an osprey watched from the top of a nearby pine.

  The osprey swept down and grabbed his lunch right out of the main river current but he was too fast for me to get on film.  Just about the same time a dolphin jumped up and thrilled us.  Sorry I missed both shots.
When we arrived at the fort we were met by a red-headed Spanish sailor named Kevin.  He was very impressive and managed to keep the attention of some otherwise disinterested young boys from Australia.

After returning to the mainland I walked the nature trail in hopes of seeing a little more of the local denizens with no luck.  Did find this old marker in the woods although no one really knows exactly where the actual massacre took place. 

All in all a great way to spend the morning.  Oh, and the total cost was $0000.  What a bargain!

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