Friday, January 11, 2013

Duck Hunting

Duck hunting is kind of a legacy in my Hickerson family although I can say I have never sat crouched in a cold, wet blind waiting for the birds to fly.  But the gray, rainy weather of this day made me think of duck season so I thought it was appropriate to take a drive up to Savannah National Wildlife Refuge to see some ducks. 

The first thing you need to understand is that although Savannah is in its name, the refuge is in South Carolina.  Still, it was only a little over an hour's drive from my campsite.  The wildlife loop drive was actually 4 miles through some really cool, deep south scenery like this which with the rain made for an interesting drive.  Actually the rain held off for most of my drive through the refuge.  Even though it was on the chilly side there were several other folks out with their spotting scopes hunting for the elusive wood stork that is said to prefer this habitat.  I never saw him.

But I did see coots. 

And some egrets.

This pair of buffleheads swam by quickly. 

A Little Blue Heron posed near the road for me.

I even saw my old friend the Anhinga doing some fishing here. 

Near the entrance I met a couple who are work camping at one the state historic sites in Darien.  They swear that every year when they come here they see a great horned owl in this tree, but he was AWOL today.  Just my luck.  Still, it was a good way to spend an otherwise yucky day.

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