Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

Well, for just a little while today I felt like I was back in the Navy.  And not so much in a good way.  I showed up at the VA clinic at 8am for a blood draw, but I was supposed to be there last week.  This was not making them happy.  So "have a seat and wait till we can get you in to the lab" which took about an hour or so.  Then was "have a seat and wait till your appointment with the doctor which was 2 hours away.  The tv in the lobby was playing back to back Matlock and found myself missing morning chats with Madeline Ruth.  And the chairs were not nearly as comfortable as the recliners in her den.  Finally saw the doctor but he was not happy because the lab hadn't finished looking at my blood.  Then he decided I need another test which meant they needed more blood so now I had to let them have the other arm.  Oh, and the wheezing is another onset of bronchitis so I did leave with a script for prednesone.  Finally I was able to get outside where the temps are in the high 50s which is feeling pretty good to me.   Only Mother Nature decided to cry and after getting my script filled and a few other indoor tasks I decided to go home and take a nap. 

So since I did my "hurry up and wait" routine today I didn't get to go into town and take some pictures.  Tomorrow should be sunny and I promise to take lots of pix and do a visual post for you.  But, sorry no pix in the rain today.

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