Friday, January 25, 2013

Caching in Florida

First step:  sign the log
So when I drove into Florida I really didn't have a plan for where to go or what to do.  After a brief visit to St. Augustine and a beautiful day at Merrit Island admiring the wildlife, I thought "why not go to the cache event in Hobe Sound?"  And so I did.

My friends John and Dana from Newnan, GA were coming down for the event.  And they had a reservation at the state park where the event was to be held.  I did not.  And the park was full!  But I did find a nice spot in a snowbird park about 5 miles away (and closer to the beach) so I got lucky. 

Can you figure out the final coordinates?
And now I'm tired.  We cached every day, rain or shine, from Wednesday thru Tuesday.  John likes to hike out to the hard terrains so I went along with him while Dana enjoyed the quiet time in their camper to catch up on reading.  You know me, I loved the hiking.  I think I saw at least one snake every day, but luckily they saw me first and headed off in the other direction. 

Nice wide paths but a real workout to hike in sugar sand
Some of the trails were not so wide open

Group photo
There I am up front in the black T shirt
The week was filled with events and gatherings.  The paddle trip on the Loxahatchee was one of them, but we also did some park clean up, gathered for pizza and raffle drawings, and capped it off with a group picture at the lookout tower.  Seems like there were around 300 of us all total, so it was a great time.  Met lots of new cachers and had some good times.  Lots of folks were talking about the next big deal here in Florida which will be in Lakeland around Memorial Day.  At this point I don't plan to be in another state by then, but then you know me and plans.  But all in all, I am leaving this part of Florida feeling very satisfied (and a little sore from all the biking and hiking and paddling). 

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